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"At EPL, we enable clients to determine the direction of their legacy, endow them with the proper tools to create a sustainable estate plan, and empower others by allowing them to take ownership and commitment over the decisions that affect their lives, businesses, and assets. Mindful or mindless, it’s your call."

Elisabeth Pickle
Elisabeth Pickle, Scottsdale Estate Planning Attorney

Elisabeth is a proud wife, and a mother to one son.  As a parent and entrepreneur, she knows how busy life can be. In trying to balance work, family responsibilities, and children’s school and extracurricular activities, it’s easy to procrastinate on doing important things, like estate planning to ensure our spouses and children are protected in the event of our incapacity or death.

In fact, most parents have not prepared a will or legally named a guardian for their minor children. The reasons vary, but it’s often a combination of not wanting to think about an emotional painful subject, lacking the time and energy to get it done, and fearing that an attorney’s services will simply cost too much. Families with young children often assume they don’t have an “estate” worth planning or that their families will take care of everything if ever the need arises.

As both a mother and an attorney, Elisabeth understands the unique legal needs of families. She knows that all parents, regardless of their net worth, need comprehensive estate planning to ensure their wishes are followed and their families are protected. “I find great personal and professional satisfaction in helping parents create estate plans that provide them with that peace of mind,” says Elisabeth.

“I also understand the time and financial constraints families face. So rather than having to schedule an appointment with me in my office during regular business hours, the Web-based nature of my firm allows my clients to communicate with me any time it is convenient for them through a secure Internet web page. Also, because I don’t have costly office space to maintain, I am able to keep my overhead low and provide my clients high quality legal services at very reasonable rates.”

Elisabeth A. Pickle was born in Brunswick, Maine and graduated from Trinity University (B.A. Pre-Medical Sciences, 1994) and New England Law (J.D., 1999). Most of her work focuses on complex trusts and estate plans, trust administration and elder law issues. She is a frequent speaker on estate planning and elder law topics in seminars for the insurance community as well as regional adult education and local church seminars. With her prior experience in employment law and as acting corporate counsel for her husband’s physical therapy clinic, Elisabeth has expanded her practice to include Veteran’s Law, Entrepreneurial and Business Law, and Student loan issues. Elisabeth recently founded The Mindful Counsel™, a wellness organization that helps other attorneys and professionals who work in high stress occupations to improve their mental and physical health and overall quality of life.

Her husband James is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Regional Director to several PT clinics in Phoenix, Arizona. 

The Mindful Counsel

Scottsdale Estate Planning Attorney Elisabeth Pickle

Elisabeth founded Elisabeth Pickle Law, a Scottsdale estate planning law firm. In addition to her law practice, she teaches mindfulness and meditation to lawyers and other professionals who work in highly stressful occupations. She regularly speaks and writes about wellness, self-care and mindfulness. She also works with lawyers and law firms on stress management, work-life balance, career transition, increasing productivity and overall wellness. Elisabeth is a recent graduate of the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course (MBSR) as modeled after Jon Kabat-Zinn’s program at The Center for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester. She is a Certified Professional Coach and holds a J.D. from New England Law and a B.A. from Trinity University

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